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Slime City Massacre Gets Webby Too

Remember how I was telling you about that new Slime City Massacre, featuring terror hotties Debbie Rochon and Brooke Lewis?  Well, there’s some news out you might want to hear about.

They’re getting the production ready for their projected release date March of next year, and to that end, a couple of behind the scenes featurettes that you’ll likely be able to catch on the DVD when it finally hits have made their way to the web.  These featurettes will be covering some makeup techniques and other special effects work in a fashion that’ll likely remind you of Project Greenlight.  And the music they picked with this is also pretty sweet.

I have to admit, I had my concerns when I first heard about this one, seeing as how Slime City was nothing great.  But hopefully this’ll be one of those rare instances in which the sequel manages to outperform the original.

Slime City Massacre Brings Back Debbie Rochon

You’ve got to love indie filmmaking. You really do. Because who else but an indie filmmaker would plan a film, get a cast together, and all with the hope that the funding will be there before shooting starts. Set to include both the aforementioned terror hottie Debbie Rochon but also Brooke Lewis and Jennifer Bihl, Slime City Massacre is, by all accounts, going to be wild.

Survival horror at its…most graphic…Slime City Massacre offers up fugitives from a totalitarian goverment who take refuge in Slime City, which is just a new name for downtown Manhattan after it got irradiated into a sludgy death thanks to a dirty bomb. When the fugitives hook up with hardened survivors of Slime City, they fall into a cache of strange wine and “Himalayan yogurt”. Somehow, I don’t think it’d be a good idea to eat yogurt you found in a place called “Slime City”. But, when you’re starving any food looks like a feast, and of course our foursome eats, and becomes horrible slime-oozing monsters.

Considering that they’ve promised to multiply “the sex, violence and action of Slime City tenfold”, I’m already a little creeped out. Frankly, I didn’t much care for the original Slime City, and knowing that the sequel will be much more aggressive in tone leaves me cold to say the least. It’ll be a while before we find out how it works–shooting begins this month–but I hope it’s not as bad as I expect.

Satan Still Hates Debbie Rochon

(Debbie Rochon)

The long-awaited, and man has that wait been long, Debbie Rochon flick Satan Hates You just managed to release a trailer, so we may be closer than ever to an actual release date.

Featuring the veteran terror hottie, along with a slew of major terror names including both Reggie Bannister AND Angus Scrimm, Satan Hates You pits a pair of folks against the devil himself in a series of deep and horrendous struggles.  The trailer makes this one look like it could be a serious punch in the gut.

How exactly it’ll come out is anyone’s guess–so is a release date for this sucker, sadly–but based on what we know so far it could be a worthy successor to the big religious horror flicks of the seventies and eighties.  Hopefully we won’t have too much longer to wait.

Debbie Rochon Sadly Down To Torture Porn

(Debbie Rochon)

So there’s some good news for fans of the ever popular Debbie Rochon, who can still manage to get work even in this economy, thanks to Timo Rose, creator of some of the biggest indie splatter films in a long while.  His career includes stuff like Barricade, Fearmakers and Beast, so you know there’s a lot to work with there.

And he’s bringing Debbie Rochon into the midst of his latest, called Game Over.  Debbie will be playing Tina, a United States expatriate actress gone to Germany for love.  And of course, this won’t end well as she, along with her friends who came to visit for her birthday, will get kidnapped by a random maniac.  Here’s word on the movie from Timo Rose:

This will be the nastiest movie I’ve ever done; we’re creating special effects scenes that will be bloody as hell.”

This, of course, makes me cringe.  Did no one get the memo about torture porn being over?  No one?  It just keeps coming out and I end up having to tell everybody how patently ridiculous this garbage is…but it just keeps right on coming.

Ah well…maybe this one won’t end so badly.  There’s always hope, you know.

Oh No, Not Again

(Debbie Rochon)

Seriously…now I just feel bad for Debbie Rochon, one of whose latest movies, Hanger, is brought to us by the guy who did Live Feed.

With a pedigree like that, you too are probably cringing to find out just what lump of suck Ryan Nicholson will be bringing our way this time–well, let’s put it this way: this is about a fetus that survived a wire-hanger abortion, grew up in a rat-infested dumpster, and eighteen years later comes back from out of nowhere to kill Leroy, the pimp who killed his mother via the back alley abortion that almost killed him.

Perhaps the most telling thing is what Nicholson himself has to say about this godawful slop.  Check this out:  “It is beyond anything I’ve done to date in the sense of brutality dark content. It doesn’t raise the bar. It runs the bar over and picks it up, shoving it deep down your throat!”

And the worst part is, you’re actually PROUD of this.  You’re KILLING the horror genre, you twisted bastard, and I wish you and your ilk would just take your blood packs and get the hell off my shelves.

Splatter Movies Are Made For Terror Hotties


Splatter Movie: The Director’s Cut, is not just an ironically titled movie. No sir, or ma’am as the case may be, it’s also an incredible package for a bliss of terror hotties that is easily one of the largest we’ve ever seen. Check out the list!

We’ve got Amy Lynn Best, Elske McCain, Rachelle Williams, AND Debbie Rochon, among, unbelievably, still others! Now, I know your jaw is already making contact with the floor, but pull it up for a second and I’ll give you a whole new reason to start drooling over the release of this puppy from Happy Cloud Pictures—the plot.

A group of filmmakers arrive at a haunted attraction to shoot a low-budget horror movie about a group of filmmakers who arrive at a haunted attraction to shoot a low-budget horror movie about a group of filmmakers who arrive at a haunted…well, I think you get the point by now…this sucker’s like watching filmmaking at the quantum level. But anyway, it shows itself off like some kind of documentary about the infinite filmmakers, and needless to say, a whole lot of film crew is going to get killed in the process of this, making it easily the second movie I’ve heard of in the last two weeks to sound like After Dark Horrorfest title Reincarnation.

And between this and the sheer bulk of terror hotties, I’ll definitely be eagerly awaiting this one sometime by the end of the year, if all goes well.

Walking Distance: Debbie Rochon’s Long Walk

Debbie Rochon, man…just when you think her career is finally dead in the ever lovin’ water she pops back up like Jason Voorhees in a thunderstorm. And this time, she’s coming out with something called Walking Distance, a film so new that there aren’t even a whole lot of synopses available for it yet. In fact, all that’s really known about it right now is that there are going to be a whole lot of horror names involved in this, with cast members from from Closet Space, Flesh Keeper, Sweatshop, Sway, and Red Victoria slated to appear.

Stranger yet, however, is that the movie will feature “a lot of new green screen material”. This is quite possibly the scariest thing I’ve heard yet about the film. Oh, sure…if the plot turns out to be solid, using green screen effects can really only augment it. But if the plot isn’t there, then this is just going to be a colossal failure, counting on cheesy effects to bolster a sagging script. Just which it’s going to be, there’s no way to know, but with Debbie Rochon involved at least it’ll be pretty.

Satan Clearly Hates Debbie Rochon

You really can’t talk about terror hotties without bringing up one of the all time greats, Debbie Rochon.  In recent years her career has been on something of a downward slope, taking on small parts and parts in smaller movies rather than the leading she once did.

But can she find some salvation in a movie called Satan Hates You?

Not exactly a good omen, I’d say, but considering what they’re planning to do with it it’s definitely going to be something…something.  I can’t believe it.  I’m looking at this and just shaking my head in kind of a weird mix of awe and revulsion. It’s projected to be a “graphic horror film that tells the stories of two individuals and their personal struggles with Lucifer himself”.  Oh, sure, there’s all sorts of star power in here–alums from Phantasm, The Off Season, Alias, and even Max Brooks of the Zombie Survival guide are all on hand–but they’re really looking to push some envelopes.  How can I tell? The POSTER.

When you look at the poster and see a hand handing off what is clearly supposed to be a Jack Chick-esque religious tract labelled “Satan Hates You”, you know you’re in for something the like of which you’ve never before seen.

The only question is, is it something you’d really want to see?