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Terror Hotties of After Dark Horrorfest–The Deaths of Ian Stone

(Jamie Murray)

The Deaths of Ian Stone might easily be disregarded as some kind of experimental piece, some kind of test case run horribly amok, but what no one really counted on was the presence of a truly out of nowhere terror hottie to make her appearance. Certainly, no one counted on two!

Jamie Murray and Christina Cole get to play two sides of the terror hottie coin, with Jamie Murray as the dark, insidious Medea and Christina Cole as the sweet, pure Jenny. The dichotomy is what’ll kill you on this one, as Murray projects a sensual menace that’ll terrify and excite all at the same time, while Cole plays her own role to the hilt, being the unknowing source of a love so pure it manages to reform one of the most evil creatures known to mankind.

Now that, frankly, amazes me. We’ve come to count on the After Dark Horrorfest to provide horror movies that are a step above the ordinary, and The Deaths of Ian Stone will certainly qualify. Though it’s a definite mark in its favor that it can also provide a pair of terror hotties who really know how to handle their work!