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Lonelygirl15, Terror Hottie

Remember LonelyGirl 15?  You know, the chick who managed to fool half the planet into believing she was an actual video blogger before the content got so ludicrous you couldn’t help but realize the whole thing was a fake?  The one who parlayed this venture into a really rather halfassed acting career involving mostly a show about frat boys and sorority girls on ABC Family?  Yeah, her!

Well, she’s gone back to her roots, of sorts, doing an online horror title called “Blood Cell”, involving her and a Satanic cult.  The only problem with this, it strikes me, is that that sounds a lot like the ending of the original LonelyGirl 15 story.  If I remember correctly, she spend the end of that one getting kidnapped and exsanguinated for blood plasma, so are they picking up where they left off?

The bitch of the whole thing, of course, is that this is a lot like most horror that’s already out there, and frankly, they’re going back to the well way too often these days.  Where will original horror come from–the theatres pretty much gave up back in the nineties, pretty much, so who’s left?