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Adrienne King Making a Comeback?

Now here’s a bit of news that’ll put the spark in your morning—assuming, of course, you actually READ this in the morning.  But anyway, the news–seems that Adrienne King, formerly Alice from the first two installments of Friday the 13th, hasn’t completely cut out yet.  In fact, she’ll be back sooner than you think in upcoming horror title Walking Distance, the story of a tiny little self-sufficient community that’s got a few skeletons in its collective closet.

Color me dystopian, but I always enjoy a good “dark community” romp because it’s so very pervasive as well as so very possible.  Think about that for a second…you move to a little town because you’ve been offered a job or some such, and it looks like a great place to live. But then you stumble onto something.  You see something you shouldn’t have.  You try to warn the authorities…but the authorities…are IN ON IT!  Gasp!

I know, scary, isn’t it?  Got me freaked out just thinking about it, and I’m definitely looking forward to this one.

Major Names Get Seized

Serious names are being bandied around for slots in “Seizure”, folks–SERIOUS names.  Maybe you don’t think of these as terror hotties, but I’ll tell you this, there are some spectacularly recognizable names.  Adrienne King of Friday the 13th fame (one and two), and Zelda Rubenstein of the Poltergeist series are both slated to be in on Eric Stanze’s one man operation as producer, writer and director.

And the plot looks amazingly dense–basically we’ve got a guy who hallucinates during seizures and is out to find out the meaning of these images.  While trying to figure the whole thing out, his brother dies, and he has to go across the state for the funeral. This continues on like this through affairs, illegitimate children, pits of evil and hordes of demons.

Now…I’m not ordinarily one to rail against too complex a plot.   It’s so seldom seen I wouldn’t dare.  But for crying out loud…this might be entirely too complex.  What is the run time on this beastie?  I can’t tell, frankly, but it’s got to be nudging up on a couple hours.  How on earth are they going to manage the sheer depth of exposition necessary to run a monster like this?

I don’t know, but I’ll confess I’m looking very much forward to finding out!