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Rachel Miner Slugging Tooth and Nail


Tooth and Nail, ladies and gentlemen, Tooth and Nail.  One of the best films that the 2007 After Dark Horrorfest had to offer was packed with no less than four major terror hotties.  Included in that list is Rachel Miner, Nicole Duport, Alexandra Barreto and Emily Young.

Perhaps the biggest name on that list is Rachel Miner, a lady with better than thirty credits to her resume, no small feat for a young lady in her late twenties.  Included on that list is a block of Californication episodes, a slot in “Fear Itself” and no less than three movies so far this year.  The year may be only half over, but “Shifter”, “Dark As Day” and “Thicker” are all Miner movies ready for launching.

I’ll admit that I’m personally very fond of dystopian fare, which is why Tooth and Nail, set in a world where the power has just run out, was so appealing to me.  Throw insane cannibals stalking a group of survivors living in an abandoned hospital into the mix and you’ve got a recipe for some serious thrills.  Which is exactly what Tooth and Nail, much to my continual delight, will provide.

And with all those terror hotties involved too, how could it ever be a bad thing?