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And To Think There Were Rat People on Mulberry Street

And now, we finish this terror hottie-driven look at the 2007 After Dark Horrorfest with a stop on New York City’s Mulberry Street, a fascinating look at how bad things can get when the unexpected hits in an urban environment.

And in this case, the unexpected is what amounts to a Rat / Chud Apocalypse, as rats infected with a mysterious disease bite unsuspecting New Yorkers, only to have them turn into cannibalistic rat people. Now, the thought of a New York jammed full of snarling, slavering half man / half rat hybrids, but the addition of two terror hotties in the form of bartender Bo Corre and home-for-leave soldier Kim Blair just makes the whole thing that much sweeter.

Yes, I saved this one for last because the boys out at bloody-disgusting were calling it “A ‘zombie’ film that breaks the mold”, and they were indeed right. They had everything a zombie movie should have, and plenty more. Oh, the ending wasn’t exactly cheerful, but then, when you’ve been attacked by rat people, it might be cheerful enough just knowing somebody survived. Who? You’ll have to watch to find that out!