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Brooke Shields, Terror Hottie

A blast, of sorts, from the past comes our way thanks to the sheer godawful misery that is Clive Barker’s upcoming direct to video sludge pile Midnight Meat Train. Because set to play Maya in it is none other than Brooke Shields. No, I’m not kidding. She’s actually slated according to the IMDB, and man, that idea kind of freaks me out.

Before you ask, no, it’s not because Brooke Shields is getting somewhat on in years. One, she’s still pretty hottie in her own right, and two, if she can carry the role then more power to her. But no…my concern comes from her lack of EXPERIENCE. Simply put, this is one of–if not her actual–first forays into horror film. Can she hack it? That’s my big question, and I can’t genuinely conclude either way.

On the down side, like I said, is that she’s never actually done this before. But the upshot is that she’s in a Clive Barker film, and even if she bungles the job completely it still can’t be as bad as the movie around her is likely to be. In fact, she’s got a real opportunity to set herself up as a real terror hottie–if she can in any way, shape or form put some polish on this inevitable turd, then she’ll come out smelling like roses.

We’ll have a while to wait to find out, however–it was originally slated to be in theatres this May, but those plans have been since scrapped.