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Kristina Klebe’s Campfire Klatsch

I really don’t know where all these terror hotties keep coming from, folks…and some days, I truly don’t care.  Because they keep coming and it’s a great experience for me.  For instance, an upcoming title called Horror 88, slated for release in October, will feature no less than half a dozen no-name terror hotties.  That amazes me.  Half a dozen.  And on top of it, featured prominently will be Lynda from the horrible Rob Zombie version of Halloween, none other than Kristina Klebe herself!

Horror 88, meanwhile, is somewhat familiar–half a dozen twentysomethings get together around a campfire and start telling “scary stories” about their shared and separate pasts.  This, of course, freaks everybody out a bit, so they move the party indoors.  Naturally, this being a horror movie, moving the party indoors does absolutely nothing to stop the problem, and one story will come back to haunt the group in a way no one will see coming.

So look forward to October, o my readership–we’ve got plenty to be glad for coming!