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Get Some Shrooms!

The lovely and multitalented Lindsey Haun ascends to terror hottie status in “Shrooms”, a movie that proves it’s generally a bad idea to eat mushrooms you find in the woods.  Especially Irish mushrooms you find in the woods.

These mushrooms, you see, generate hallucinations, and these hallucinations are apparently eerily real.  Now, our group of idiot mushroom-chuggers are in Ireland being attacked by ghosts and never very sure if they’re actually being attacked or if they’re just tripping on wild mushrooms.  And as if that weren’t bad enough, one teen will eat the “Death’s Head” mushroom, and that’s just going to open up a giant can of whupass on the whole trip.

I meant it about Lindsey Haun being multitalented–she’s an actress, she’s a country music singer, and she was lead vocalist for 7th Fall, a hard rock group.

As for Shrooms, I just tacked it on my Netflix queue, which means by the time I get down to it I should be watching it, oh, about 2010.  So beat me to the punch and enjoy the terror hottie bliss of Lindsey Haun.