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The House of the Devil is Filled With Terror Hotties


(Joceline Donahue)

Okay!  Big news on the terror hottie front, folks–it’s called House of the Devil, it’s coming from Dark Sky Films, and it is PACKED with terror hotties!

The plot is something of a throwback to the eighties, as a college student takes a babysitting job on the night of a full lunar eclipse.  Any time the moon or sun goes black in a horror flick you know something horrible’s about to go on.  And in this case, our college student’s employers are planning to use her in a good old fashioned Satanic ritual.

See?  Serious eighties throwback.  But check out the terror hotties involved in this beauty–Dee Wallce, Mary B. McCann, Brenda Cooney, Heather Robb, Greta Gerwig,  and Mary Woronov.  Did I not tell you this was a huge list? Oh, I did.

And with a half decent plot fuelled by plenty of terror hotties, you know you’ve got something at least worth a rental, which we’ll all be able to do when this sucker finally hits shelves sometime in 2009.