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Terror Hotties Make the Hybrids Look Like Less of a Wreck

A spate of images have recently been unearthed for upcoming title Hybrid, featuring terror hottie Shannon Beckner. Though Hybrid’s pedigree isn’t exactly the best—direction duties will be handled by all-around schlub Eric Valette formerly of the One Missed Call remake—the images certainly suggest that we’re definitely well on track to get some real bang-up car-wrecking action in the story of a Chicago police garage mechanic who will spend a horrible night with a hybrid car. It’s likely that the car is in fact haunted, or possibly just being used as a weapon by a lunatic who’s driving it. Just which, no one’s really that sure of yet.

Of course, at this stage of the game, anything we see is just steaming mounds of conjecture. However it’s important to note that those steaming mounds of conjecture will fuel buying decisions in the weeks and months to come, so it’s definitely important that we get plenty of advanced information. Hybrid certainly looks like something to keep an eye on, so you know I’ll be doing just that.

Shannon Beckner and the Evil Hybrid Car

Shannon Beckner is a terror hottie in the midst of a problem–ecological responsibility or personal survival?  Now, that’s one that’ll really blow your mind, but in the upcoming horror title Hybrid, it’s actually what’s happening.

Beckner will be spending a long night in a police garage, trapped with nothing but an evil hybrid car in “Hybrid”, causing one to wonder just what’s going on here.  Okay, granted, it sounds like a horrible synthesis of P2 and Christine, but that kind of combination really hasn’t been done before, now has it?

Also, it’s definitely fun to see the normally saintly hybrid car (it’s going to save the environment! it’s going to save us gas money!) become the object of pure, unthinking, homicidal evil.

Having Shannon Beckner around, meanwhile, is just a little extra icing on the cake.

Shannon Beckner Takes On Eco-Friendly Christine


Shannon Beckner is giving us a taste of what Christine would have been like if it were more environmentally responsible with Hybrid.  Hybrid brings us the tale of a female mechanic in a Chicago police garage who will spend a night of terror with a hybrid car.  Will it come to life?  Possibly.  Will it chase her around?  Maybe.  Will she have to use all her mechanical skills to tear it apart before it can kill her?  Could be.

Will we get to see a sweet terror hottie get greasy??  Almost certainly.

Interestingly, this will be Beckner’s first real foray into horror films, and one of her first actual movies, besides.  Before this, she did mostly TV except for a couple of film roles, one of which was in American Pie Presents: Beta House which was a complete waste of plastic to begin with.

As for when we’ll get to see the hybrid go wild and start killing people, it’s still in the early stages by all reports, so who knows when?  For now, anyway!