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Scream Four Gets Shoot Date

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(Neve Campbell)

Just in case you’ve been waiting on pins and needles for the grandiose wonder that is Wes Craven’s return to Scream, Scream IV (featuring terror hotties Courteney Cox and Neve Campbell), you may rest easy.

The fourth installment will start shooting this May.

And while this is good news, there’s slightly sadder news to come out of Camp Craven–he doesn’t plan to stop directing any time soon.  Dig the word:

“My goal is to die in my 90s on the set, say, ‘That’s a wrap,’ after the last shot, fall over dead and have the grips go out and raise a beer to me.”

And hopefully, at some point, you will direct good movies for a change instead of the blood soaked torture porn you’ve been clocking out for years.  But that’s not exactly fair–he’s done some good ones in there.  I know I enjoyed Shocker despite myself, and Scream and Elm Street were worthwhile.  But man, when he sucks, it’s just full on black hole suckage.

But still!  Scream Four, this May, maybe release by the end of the year?  Who knows!

First Word on Scream 4

(Courteney Cox)

If you’ve been waiting for Scream 4 breathlessly since the end credits rolled for Scream 3, well, you’ve been waiting one hell of a long time.? But your wait is about to pay off, and your downright saintly patience about to be seriously vindicated with the return of Scream in Scream 4, featuring once again Courteney Cox and Neve Campbell.

The first draft of the Scream 4 script is almost done, or so says writer Kevin Williamson.? In fact, he’s actually gone so far as to say that this time, the story will be done “the way (he) originally conceived it”.? He’s also shooting for a movie in which you “actually care about (the) characters…(on) a plot that you watch them walk through”.

Williamson even goes so far as to suggest that “it’s not all about the next kill” and “it’s not all about slice and dice”.

Wasn’t that what the first three were all about?

What’s more, Williamson actually has confirmed he’s locked in for four and five, and that they’re planning to go all the way to six with it.? Though only time will tell if they get that far.

Kind Of A Kick In The Head

(Neve Campbell)

Strange headline, I know, but believe me, folks, the news is worth it.  Even if it is, exactly as I said above, kind of a kick in the head.

Anyway, here’s the deal.  Remember how about the only thing holding up Scream 4 was the fact that Neve Campbell wasn’t coming back as Sidney?  And how it was like pulling teeth to get that key terror hottie to commit?

And then she did–but that’s not where the weirdness ends, folks, only where it begins.  See, the thing now is that Sidney might actually DIE in Scream 4.

Yeah, after all that, there’s a possibility that she might just end up getting killed off!  If that isn’t just about the limit of a kick in the head then I defy you to tell me what is.  Of course, at this stage of the game it’s just a rumor, really, but with this series?  It’s hard to tell what they’ll do to get some interest built up.

Scream 4 To Go 3-D

Well, that’s an interesting development–seems that the folks working on Scream 4 are planning to go 3-D.

As we know, most everyone’s back on board for Scream 4, including Neve Campbell (who for the longest time had been vacillating like a congressman before she finally decided to throw in), Anna Lynn McCord and Courtney Cox.  Interestingly, this film is actually slated to take place fully ten years after Scream 3 ended, possibly launching its own new trilogy.  Deputy Dewey got himself bumped up a pay grade when he married Gale Weathers, and is now Sheriff Dewey, with his own small child in tow.

I have to admit I’m not terribly enthused about this particular chunk of news.  3-D is rapidly becoming this era’s new gimmick of choice, and it’s likely to be misused as a license for shoddy storytelling and filmmaking in general. After all, who’s going to be paying near as close attention to how the plot’s shaping up when blood’s squirting at the screen?

It’s Official–Neve Campbell Now Back for Scream 4

Actually, I’m glad to be posting this particular chunklet of news because I, for one, was getting sick and tired of playing this will she / won’t she / innie / outtie / iffy game with this woman.

Yes, Neve Campbell WILL be back for Scream 4.  It’s official now and quite confirmed, so if it comes back later that it doesn’t happen I’m going to be really amazed.

In retrospect, though, I can’t believe that she would be so integral to the process that they couldn’t have done this without her.  Do we really need Neve Campbell to have a Scream 4?  I really stopped caring after the third time I had to announce that she was out and was never never ever coming back not even if you begged her or even was willing to PAY her.

Guess the economy got a little too hot for Neve and she figured a paycheck in hand was worth a few principles in the bush.

The Scream 4 Rundown: Will She or Won’t It?

(Neve Campbell)

The question slasher fans have had for some time now is, plain and simple, will there be a Scream 4, and more importantly, if there is, will Neve Campbell come back to handle Sydney Prescott?  The answer is, well, no one really knows right now.  There was recently a very concise rundown of the story so far over at, and so I figured I’d weigh in.

Let’s face it, folks…much of Wes Craven’s body of work these days has been remakes or sequels.  Craptaculars like Cursed notwithstanding (and it seems he’s blaming executive meddling from the Weinsteins for how that one turned out), most of his recent stuff has been autocannibalistic in nature.  Last House on the Left, The Hills Have Eyes…most of his new stuff is just his old stuff in pretty new packages.  So it’s not a surprise that he’s looking for a hit, and there’s plenty of people who enjoyed Scream out there to make Scream 4 a decent contender.

Will Neve Campbell come back?  Will there be a Scream 4?  Maybe, maybe not–but in an era when even Hollywood’s feeling budget crunches, I can’t see how it wouldn’t go off.

No Neve, No Scream—Problems With Scream 4?

So there’s some problem, apparently, with the whole idea of a Scream 4, aside from the fact that it’s just staggeringly stupid.  The Weinsteins are shopping for scrips, and talking it up in the media.  Kevin Williamson’s on board, and apparently, so is much of the slated cast, except for one notable holdout that’s gumming up the entire proceedings: terror hottie Neve Campbell.

Weinsteins and Williamson alike all believe there is no franchise without the original Sidney, and thus intend to hold production until she comes around.  Considering she’s only had seventeen total roles since her last stint as Sidney Prescott, you’d think she’d be in a hurry to get some work, but apparently not.

Now, frankly, I’m against the concept of Scream 4 to begin with.  The Weinsteins have brought us several spectacular titles and even a handful of my personal fave movies but they’re far from infallible, since they’re responsible for the Wes Craven misery detail known as Cursed.  I’m personally not convinced that we really need a Scream 4…and even if we did, that we really need Sidney Prescott.

Someone Threw Water on The Craft 2

A bit of terror hottie related news–everybody remember The Craft?  You know, the one about the teen witches at the catholic girls’ school who practice various spells and curses about anyone who so much as looked at them funny and thus terrorized overprotective parents EVERYWHERE??

Yeah, that The Craft.  More than once I’ve heard it called The Crap, and frankly, that’s not too far off.  But anyway–there was a sequel being planned.  I emphasize was…that sucker is now officially dead in the water.  Which on the one hand is bad news–this was the same movie that gave us Fairuza Balk and  in the same movie, and that kind of a combination is never not good.

But then, this is the same one that gave us teen witches at a Catholic girls’ school, and the last thing any of us needed back in 1996 was that kind of hysteria.  Trust me, they looked at you real funny back then if you confessed to being a horror buff.

So I don’t suppose any of us should be too sad to find The Craft 2 is dead in the water.  There’ll be plenty of opportunity for terror hottie joy later!