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Terror Hotties Take the Shuttle, Ill-Advisedly

(Peyton List)

Still more fun, still more terror hottie mayhem, kids, as I bring you the tale of Shuttle, currently running the festival circuit ragged.  Peyton List and Cameron Goodman, who both gave solid interview to the folks out at Bloody-Disgusting, talking about their horror / thriller that just finished the South By Southwest festival.

The plot sounds pretty interesting, like that P2 movie jumped up by a factor of ten.  A couple of ladies home from a women-only vacation find themselves at the airport in lousy weather.  Naturally, they want to get home, but it’s late at night and apparently raining just bad enough to still allow planes to land.  With few options, they hop on an airport shuttle, hoping for a safe, short ride through the worst of the weather.

What they will get, naturally, is nowhere near this.  But still!  We should be looking at a solid title with at least a couple of terror hotties to support it.  Gonna be a big year for horror flicks–again.  Due out on the order of soon–in 2008!–we’ve got at least a solid rent on our hands, by the look of it.