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Want to Help Out A Terror Hottie?

(Elske McCain)

Now here’s an exciting little newsy bit—seems that the crew out at Not For The Squeamish productions, who brought us, among other things, the absolutely sweet zombie flick Doomed to Consume, is looking for some help with their newest title.  They’re working on a movie called Strip Club Slasher, featuring among others terror hottie Elske McCain, and they’re looking for folks willing to chip in fifty bucks in exchange for a credit in the film itself.

The movie, meanwhile, is about pretty much what it says on the box.  A rundown strip club in the middle of nowhere suddenly discovers its talent’s getting turned into chopped hash.  The local authorities close down the club, and the strippers get together to reflect on their lifes and mourn the loss of one of their own.  Naturally, this turns into a party and the party draws the killer.  Not exactly an innovation, but sometimes the old formulas still work the best.

Splatter Movies Are Made For Terror Hotties


Splatter Movie: The Director’s Cut, is not just an ironically titled movie. No sir, or ma’am as the case may be, it’s also an incredible package for a bliss of terror hotties that is easily one of the largest we’ve ever seen. Check out the list!

We’ve got Amy Lynn Best, Elske McCain, Rachelle Williams, AND Debbie Rochon, among, unbelievably, still others! Now, I know your jaw is already making contact with the floor, but pull it up for a second and I’ll give you a whole new reason to start drooling over the release of this puppy from Happy Cloud Pictures—the plot.

A group of filmmakers arrive at a haunted attraction to shoot a low-budget horror movie about a group of filmmakers who arrive at a haunted attraction to shoot a low-budget horror movie about a group of filmmakers who arrive at a haunted…well, I think you get the point by now…this sucker’s like watching filmmaking at the quantum level. But anyway, it shows itself off like some kind of documentary about the infinite filmmakers, and needless to say, a whole lot of film crew is going to get killed in the process of this, making it easily the second movie I’ve heard of in the last two weeks to sound like After Dark Horrorfest title Reincarnation.

And between this and the sheer bulk of terror hotties, I’ll definitely be eagerly awaiting this one sometime by the end of the year, if all goes well.

Jessicka Rabid–Tomorrow’s Goat Sucker

Elske McCain has a really unusual idea on her hands, folks…she’s putting together a movie about–get this–the first autistic serial killer. Now, that qualifies as something like interesting; indeed, calling it Jessicka Rabid didn’t hurt either as part pop-culture stroke and part menace-carrier, but I confess, I’m already a bit shaky on this one.

The plot isn’t too worrisome–an autistic girl is abused by her white trash family and then runs amok. McCain herself describes it as a kind of horror version of Encino Man.

See, it’s not so much Elske McCain that I’m worried about–even though the aspiration to be like unto Encino Man doesn’t strike me as aiming real high–it’s her cohort Matt Reel. Matt Reel, you see, put together one of the biggest shitheaps of a movie I’ve ever seen, and it’s called “The Goat Sucker”. Elske McCain had a part in that one, too, as “Candy the Stripper”.

And with Reel involved, I’m concerned that Jessicka Rabid may suck just as hard as Reel’s goat picture.