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Chopping Mall Set To Reopen

Welcome to the very earliest stages of what should prove to be a sweet chunk of terror hottie news once it finally gets cast–the remake of Chopping Mall, an exciting little piece of eighties slasher fun that had a whole load of terror hotties in its previous incarnation, and hopefully, will pack in just as many in the remake.

Featuring horror great Barbara Crampton, as well as Kelli Maroney, Karrie Emerson, Suzee Slater and plenty of others in its original state, and not yet known just who will show up in the new one, Chopping Mall followed a newly-constructed shopping mall with a special security feature: heavily armed autonomous tracked robots. But when a group of kids decide to have a little party after hours, the security droids go just a little haywire. And now, the kids are going to have to survive the night with whatever they can find in the mall.

Considering that malls are somewhat on the decline these days, it’s interesting to see a remake of a movie set in one. The up shot here is that they can likely find an abandoned mall to film in with relative ease. I’m personally very eager to hear more about this one, so join me, and stick around for all the latest!

You’re Next Release Date Up Along With First Poster

Jammed full of terror hotties, You’re Next did a whole lot of damage at the Fantastic Fest awards shelves, but now we’ve got some big news about this one. Not only is there a new poster for this one, but we’ve also got word on the release date.

Featuring Margaret Laney, Wendy Glenn, Amy Seimetz, Barbara Crampton and Sharni Vinson, among others, You’re Next takes us out to a family reunion and vacation where part of the family has a nice quiet country home they’re staying in during the reunion. But the nice quiet country home becomes a surprise battleground, and things only get stranger when the oldest son’s girlfriend reveals a special gift for kicking ass and taking names.

This sounds like nothing so much as Ils with a serious edge, and the poster looks delighfully ominous. And just to make things even better, You’re Next will be getting a full on theatrical release next year. Late next year, granted, but this might just put some extra punch in our Halloween to help get over the fact that there’s no Saw and possibly no Paranormal Activity next year.

Lions Gate’s You’re Next Cleans Up At Fantastic Fest

We’ve been following You’re Next since it started the festival circuit, and we know that only recently got picked up by the folks out at Lions Gate. And now, we’ve got some fresh news about this one as it’s swept the Fantastic Fest awards suite.

Featuring Barbara Crampton and Sharni Vinson, You’re Next takes us out to a family reunion, where a vacationing family finds their vacation home under attack by a horde of thugs who mean to kill them. At least until the oldest son’s girlfriend fights back, proving she’s got a whole lot of secrets of her own.

This sucker took not only Best Picture, but also Best Director, Best Screenplay, and Sharni Vinson is an award winning terror hottie in her own right, taking Best Actor. I’m very excited to see this one myself, and I’ll bet most of you are too. Hopefully Vinson, Crampton et al will bring some serious horror our way when You’re Next emerges.

Paradise Lost Gets A Sweet Terror Hottie

A remake version of Paradise Lost sounds pretty good indeed, but it only gets better when you discover who will be serving in a terror hottie capacity on this one. Camilla Belle is set to take over no less than the role of Eve.

Paradise Lost follows a pair of dueling archangels, each out to succeed over his counterpart. Much more than that they’re not saying as yet, but the current word is that it will closely parallel the original Milton, but in the remake style, sufficient to allow for the release of still featuring gun-toting archangels.

It’s an interesting idea, and adding Camilla Belle only makes things better. Nothing like a little bit of the literary to infuse our horror, and it’s not like anyone’s tried this one recently, so close enough by me. No word about release dates on this one as yet, so keep it right here so we can bring you all the latest when it arrives.

Lions Gate Picks Up You’re Next

Oh, happy day, folks! Remember how we’ve been tracking You’re Next out at the Toronto International Film Festival? Well, we’ve just picked up a great piece of news that caps the whole thing off…or at least almost. The folks at Lions Gate have just picked up You’re Next, and the terror hottie packed package may kick off a big new franchise for Lions Gate.

Featuring Sharni Vinson and Barbara Crampton, You’re Next joins us with the Davisons, who went out for a family reunion and returned to their vacation cabin to find it besieged by a horde of hooligans out to murder the family. But it won’t be as easy as they expect when the oldest Davison boy’s girlfriend finds she’s got a secret past, and that past makes her a target that’s going to be fighting back. Hard.

I’m very, very eager to catch this one myself, and with Lions Gate handling things, well, you know they’ve got a prime distribution network. There’s no word on just when this one will hit the shelves, or possibly theaters, but hopefullly it’s a sooner rather than later sort of situation. Keep it here, though, and when we get the latest on release dates and the like, we’ll pass them right on.

You’re Next Expected To Get Picked Up At TIFF

The Toronto International Film Festival is a pretty big deal, no matter how you slice it. And the good news is, for those of you interested in seeing You’re Next like I am, well, word is that this one might be getting picked up.

You’re Next, featuring Sharni Vinson and legendary scream queen Barbara Crampton as the terror hotties of choice, joins a family reunion in progress. Or rather, just after the family reunion. The Davisons head for home, but getting there, they find themselves under siege by a gang of homicidal hoodlums. But the eldest Davison boy’s girlfriend has a mysterious past, and that’s going to leave her very tough to kill indeed.

Part The Strangers, part Home Alone, and part…well…part I don’t know what, this one sounds like an absolute doozy. And I’m not alone, either: at last report, at least three different studios had a level of interest in this verging on the deranged.

No word on release dates, yet, but if the word proves accurate we should be seeing this one soon.

You’re Next Set To Premiere At Toronto International

The Toronto International Film Festival has proven very popular with the terror hottie circuit, offering up a whole lot of great horror, especially with the “Midnight Madness” portion. And now, we’ll get plenty more new terror hotties by way of You’re Next!, what looks like a high-octane horror / action hybrid.

Featuring eighties terror hottie legend Barbara Crampton, as well as Sharni Vinson, Wendy Glenn, Margaret Laney, Amy Seimetz, and more besides, You’re Next! takes us out to what should be a normal everyday family reunion trip (if you can really call a family reunion an everyday affair). And when the Davisons head back to their vacation home, they discover that something is waiting for them: a host of killers out for cheap thrills. But the Davisons have a secret weapon in the oldest son’s girlfriend, who’s proving to be extremely difficult to kill thanks to a further secret of her own.

I’m still leaning toward vampirism here, but it’s an interesting idea nonetheless. I love it when bad guys end up facing down something even worse than they are; it’s a kind of justice, I think.

It’s getting a premiere out at the Toronto International Film Festival, so hopefully it will go into wider release in rapid fashion from there

George W Bush Cost Us Face Time With Barbara Clampton


Well, folks…we lost a good one this time around.  Not only did we have a chance to reanimate the Re-Animator breed, we also lost a chance to give the Bush Administration a well-deserved smack upside the head as well as a chance to get re-acquainted with terror hottie Barbara Crampton.

It was called House of Re-Animator.

Jeffrey Combs, absolute genius that he is, would have reprised his role as Herbert West, the mad doctor who managed to figure out the secrets of life and death and put them all into a little glowing green vial.  Hired to re-animate a sitting President–who would have been played by other absolute genius William H. Macy–he’s also joined by the vice president, played by George Wendt.

Why did we lose this gem of political humor and zombie presidents?  Simple.  No one was willing to put up the dough for director Stuart Gordon to make the movie.  When Fangoria asked, Gordon said “I think people are still too afraid of offending the Bush adminstration…Re-Animator…is a very successful franchise, but nobody wanted to do that story.  People are defiantly (sic) afraid.  These guys are known for payback.”

And now, I sorrow.  Bush has ruined America’s standing on the world stage, sent four thousand brave men and women to their deaths in Iraq, devalued the dollar, antagonized and alienated our allies, and now, he just cost us Re-Animator.

Can there be any further damage?