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Lords Of Salem Wraps Shooting

A release will likely be coming sooner rather than later for the terror hottie extravaganza known as Lords of Salem. Featuring Meg Foster, Dee Wallace, Lisa Marie, Judy Geeson, and plenty more from there, this should be something to see when it finally emerges.

Lords of Salem follows a local DJ in the Salem, Massachusetts area who unwittingly activates a curse surrounding the area following the death of four witches back in the Salem Witch Trial era. The witches didn’t take the whole “getting murdered” thing lightly, so now their curse is about to land with both feet on modern-era Salem.

I’ve never been very enthusiastic about Rob Zombie’s work, but this sounds like it could be good stuff. And considering the sheer amount of terror hotties involved in this, well, it certainly does a nice job of recommending this one. This could be a nice piece of product when it lands, and though we don’t have a release date on this one, or a trailer, or even a distributor in line yet, it should be out sooner rather than later. Keep it here for all the latest!

Dee Wallace Joins Lords Of Salem Cast

I have to admit, I was pretty concerned about Lords of Salem when I heard Rob Zombie was involved. But considering who else has cropped up to get in on this–most recently including Dee Wallace–well, I had to reconsider my position.

Lords of Salem follows a local DJ who’s unleashed a curse on the town of Salem, fully three hundred years after the town’s founders–the titular Lords of Salem–put to death four particular witches in secret, who vowed to one day return and have their revenge on the town. And their revenge is going to be something to see.

They’re going to start shooting this thing in just two weeks, and the production team that did both Paranormal Activity and Insidious are involved on this one. Being as I enjoyed both Paranormal Activity and Insidious, well, that was a big step in the right direction. This could be some good stuff, but since they’re only now just getting started shooting, we’ll have a wait on our hands to find out.

Curse of the Weeping Terror Hottie

(Angelique Boyer)

The Curse of the Weeping Woman will be coming out on DVD in late June–the 24th, to be specific–and it’s not a half-bad package for us terror hottie fans.  Naturally, with a title like that, you’re expecting women to show up, and distributor Maverick Entertainment will not be shorting us there.  Chasing down the legend of La Llorona–the Weeping Woman–will include always-popular Dee Wallace, Diana Bracho, Pamela Trueba and Angelique Boyer.

The legend is fairly simple and surprisingly macabre–a woman, specifically the Weeping Woman of the legend, drowned her babies several hundred years ago.  Thus, her spirit remains behind, and if a kid gets within grabbing distance of her, she’ll scoop said kid up for her very own.  Ostensibly this means a whole lot of dead and / or disappeared children.

But it’s a ghost story with lots of terror hottie mojo, so it should be a good watch when it finally comes out in June.