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25/8 Gaining Strength

(Emily Meade)

So Nerve Gas Craven’s managed to put up a few photos from the set of his upcoming 25 / 8.  Though the photos themselves don’t really show a whole lot, the fact that they exist at least manages to prove that the production is going SOMEWHERE.

Featuring a load of terror hotties, including Paulina Olszynski, Emily Meade, and Shareeka Epps, 25 / 8 pits a group of young folks against a serial killer who, interestingly, died before any of them were born.

For those of you who think, hey, wait a minute…I’ve HEARD that idea before–congratulations.  You have.  For those of you who aren’t thinking that, it’s remarkably similar to Craven’s earlier work (and the thing that got him his big break) Nightmare On Elm Street.  Why Craven’s feeling a need to cannibalize his own work is utterly beyond me.

Hopefully it won’t be quite as blatant a knockoff as I’m imagining it, and instead we’ll all manage to have a good time when this finally comes out.

If it finally comes out….

25-8 Has Plenty of Terror Hottie Goodness

(Emily Meade)

I have never been a huge fan of Wes “Nerve Gas” Craven’s work, but one place I must admit he never skimps on is the terror hottie arena.  No indeed!  And his newest work, 25/8, will prove no exception.  Already two terror hotties–lesser known ones, granted, but hotties nonetheless–have been cast and are ready to play: Emily Meade and Shareeka Epps.

This is actually one of Meade’s first horror flicks, but she’s also appeared in “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit”, so if you’re a crime drama buff you’re already familiar with her.  As for Epps, she’s an alum of several independent films, so they’re both getting their feet wet as terror hotties for the first time.

The film itself, meanwhile, actually looks kind of good, a relative rarity for a Nerve Gas Craven title–a serial killer shows up to kill a bunch of kids all born on his birthday, despite the fact that he might be, you know, dead.  Lots of red herrings abound and, despite the fact that you could easily just call this Nightmare on Dawson’s Creek, it actually looks like it may be good!

And with a couple of newly-minted terror hotties, well, we might be in for a good time after all.