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American Zombie Shambles Onto Video

Everybody remember when I talked about Grace Lee’s American Zombie, and said that it might not get out of the film festival circuit?  Well, as it turns out, my projections were very much wrong as American Zombie has been picked up for distribution and will be going direct to video July eighth.

This is, as far as I’m concerned, just fantastic news.  Grace Lee’s American Zombie gives us a psuedo-documentary style look at four zombies in particular who are fighting for their place in the sun.  There’s Ivan, a convenience store clerk who wants to break into publishing; Lisa, a florist who wants to break into her own fornix and get her memories of her life pre-zombie back; Judy, a hopeless romantic who’s probably finding it tough to get guys when all she can do is think about their brains…and how they taste; Joel, lastly, is a political activist out lobbying for the rights of the Zombie-American, which ostensibly includes the right to chow down on the occasional homeless person or runaway or possibly convicted felon.

And of course, I’m waiting for the inevitable moment when the four of these downtrodden undead decide that they’re through dicking around with politics and career aspirations and whatnot and launch themselves on a campaign of self-replication and destruction by attacking the living and feasting on them.

That’ll just be fun.

American Zombie

Thank you, Pretty-Scary, our dear friends in the industry, for pointing out a movie I haven’t yet heard of but now am glad I did.

See, I don’t live in California, folks, so I don’t get invited to a whole lot of big (or small) premieres, and Grace Lee’s..psuedodocumentary?…about high-functioning zombies living in Los Angeles, dubbed American Zombie, is one of them.  Following four zombies–a convenience store clerk with aspirations of publishing, a florist struggling to reclaim lost memory, a hopeless romantic trying to accept her true nature and a political activist for “zombie rights”, American Zombie looks to be funny, scary and poignant all at the same time.  Which is downright amazing when you think about it.

Reminding me VERY seriously of Douglas Winter’s Less Than Zombie from the zombie anthology book “Book of the Dead”, I think this can’t help but go well.  Especially if the foursome kicks off a good old fashioned zombie apocalypse by the end!  Man, that’d be fun!

But anyway–kudos to Grace Lee, terror hottie by extension, for giving us something unique in the zombie horror field.