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More on Mother’s Day Casting–Terror Hotties Added

(Alexa Vega)

Remember how I told you that Jaime King was in on the upcoming remake of Mother’s Day?  Well, fresh news has hit my desk, and it’s a doozy.

Two–count ‘em–TWO terror hotties have been added to the production, including Briana Evigan and Alexa Vega.

This is a big move; between the addition of some fairly solid names, and the fact that mixed-bag Saw director Darren Bousman is running the show, someone’s putting a whole lot of time, effort and cash into a remake of a throwaway Troma movie from almost thirty years ago.  I can’t tell what the deal behind all this is, but man…it’s a shocker either way.

Alexa Vega Loses Her Mind, Possibly


Alexa Vega, one of several terror hotties involved with Repo: The Genetic Opera, sunk to a new low recently when she proceeded to kiss all sorts of ass from a distance of several miles.

Taken from her MySpace blog, her commentary includes unnecessary hyperbole (I have never felt so proud to be part of a film ever), REALLY unnecessary hyperbole (I guarantee you this…Repo will change the way films are made from the moment it hits theatres), raw insanity (YOU HAVE SEEN NOTHING LIKE THIS and probably won’t again in our lifetime), and more ass-kissing than a German schisse video and an Oscar acceptance speech COMBINED.  Vega’s extended love note to director Bousman et al goes on for several paragraphs like this and is the tactical nuke of ass-kissing.  For crying out loud, Alexa, who put a gun to your head to get you to write drivel like this.

Frankly, I’m scared no matter what.  The cynic in me says you’re lying through your teeth and just trying to get your next paycheck lined up, in which case you’re just a spectacularly shitty actor who should be ignored.  But the contra-cynic in me says that you, somehow, mean every word of this and that’s even more disturbing.

If you seriously believe that a Darren Lynn Bousman movie, a movie from the man whose career to date revolves totally around flogging the dead horse that is the Saw franchise, then I’m terrified both for your sanity and for the rest of the world.  For a movie to be this good requires either a paradigm shift so radical that no one on the face of the earth will deny how good it is or some kind of mind control.

And with Paris Hilton still in it I can’t believe it can be that good.

But I confess, my interest is now officially piqued, and I’ll be looking forward to trying Repo! The Genetic Opera.  Because let’s face it…even if it’s only half as good as Vega’s effuse missive proclaims, well, it’s still gonna be pretty damn good.