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Excision Loads Up On Terror Hotties

Got to hand it to Excision, they’re going to really bring in the numbers when it comes to the terror hotties. And it won’t be just quantity, either, but also plenty of quality. And judging from some recently released stills around this one, it’s going to be pretty bloody stuff indeed.

Featuring AnnaLynne McCord, Traci Lords and Ariel Winter, it follows a high school student who wants to get into medicine. But she’s not going to have an easy time of it–she’s out to get her mother’s approval. And it’s not going to be at all easy, so she’ll have to go to some positively insane lengths to do so.

And here’s the best part–this one’s going to be hitting Sundance first as part of its Park City at Midnight program, so it’ll get its big premiere this January. Hopefully a full release will be directly following, because this could be some impressive stuff when it finally lands, but we’ll be keeping an eye on this one up until the day it drops.

Day of the Dead Terror Hotties

(Christa Campbell)

Okay, while we’re all cringing at the thought of more classic Romero getting remade–especially after the speed-zombie debacle that was Zac Snyder and Dawn of the Dead–there’s actually a couple good reasons to like the upcoming Day of the Dead remake.

Terror hottie reasons. Namely, Christa Campbell and Anna Lynne McCord.

The temperature of this movie just went up like forty degrees. The print will burn eventually.

You’re all probably familiar with the plot of the original: government scientists in an underground base in Florida struggle, largely in vain, to find a cure for the zombie condition that’s rapidly sweeping the planet. One of them is actively trying to domesticate them, and the whole place is starting to crack under the tension. How closely the remake will stick to this plot is anyone’s guess, but I was starting to get concerned. Most horror buffs–myself included–consider Day to be the weakest of the original Dead series. That was before Land, of course, but still, Day’s holding the weakest of the big three. So even if they don’t stick to the original, that may be for the best.

At least there will be plenty of eye candy, and lots of terror hotties to keep things interesting.

(Christa Campbell)

(AnnaLynne McCord)