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Christa Campbell Takes On A New Terror Hottie Role

And the role in question? Producer. That’s right, folks, legendary terror hottie Christa Campbell will be stepping into a whole new role with the latest remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

This newest remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre takes a young lady who’s got an inheritance waiting for her down in Texas, so she goes down with a group of friends to check it out. What she discovers when she gets down there, though, is that her inheritance includes a certain iconic serial killer.

Sounds like a disaster to me, and worse yet, it seems that this will be Lions Gate’s new Halloween franchise of choice. A sad followup to the terrific Saw franchise, but still, there’s enough room here to give this the benefit of the doubt. After all, it might work out better than expected. They’ve been doing remakes and knockoffs of this series for years; why shouldn’t at least one of them be, you know, good? Look for this one to hit theaters October 5th, 2012.

Drive Angry Gets Another Terror Hottie

(Christa Campbell)

Oh, here’s a nifty piece of news, folks–Nic Cage’s Drive Angry has just been picking up terror hotties left, right and center, but guess who, just guess! who the new pick of the day is.

It’s Christa Campbell, folks.? Yes, it’s true, Christa Campbell has agreed to sign to Drive Angry, which is already jammed full of terror hotties.? We already heard that Katy Mixon, Amber Heard and Charlotte Ross were involved–getting Christa Campbell into things just jacks up the levels to a new and interesting level.

It’s strange, though, that they’re adding cast members especially since they’ve got a release date already in place–this is getting released February eleventh of next year–in fact, it suggests some pretty bad things.? Are they even shooting?? If not, how long are they delaying?? Will they skimp on the post-production work in a bid to meet their own target? Or are they counting on Nic Cage’s somewhat diminished star power to do all the pulling they’ll need?? Have to keep an eye on this one, folks…it may not be as sinister as I’m letting on, though it definitely freaks me out.

Terror Hotties Join Huge Special Effects Names

(Christa Campbell)

Dan Walton’s Bind, folks, is something to be interested in.  Not only do we have a prime terror hottie contingent at work here, like Christa Campbell and Jessica Von, we’ve also got Brian Sipe from Star Trek, Van Helsing and Pirates of the Caribbean handling the special effects work.

And what kind of plot do we get in this mix?  Well, we get a bunch of friends off for some fun in the snow when all of a sudden things turn really really NOT fun.  Like “some kind of monster that wants to kill all and sundry” not fun.

Yeah, THAT not fun.

Shooting begins on this sucker in March, so it’ll be a good while, possibly not before 2011, until we get to see this.  I admit that I’m hopeful it’ll work out–snowy horror movies are generally lots of fun–but I know there’s so much that can go wrong here.

Day of the Dead Terror Hotties

(Christa Campbell)

Okay, while we’re all cringing at the thought of more classic Romero getting remade–especially after the speed-zombie debacle that was Zac Snyder and Dawn of the Dead–there’s actually a couple good reasons to like the upcoming Day of the Dead remake.

Terror hottie reasons. Namely, Christa Campbell and Anna Lynne McCord.

The temperature of this movie just went up like forty degrees. The print will burn eventually.

You’re all probably familiar with the plot of the original: government scientists in an underground base in Florida struggle, largely in vain, to find a cure for the zombie condition that’s rapidly sweeping the planet. One of them is actively trying to domesticate them, and the whole place is starting to crack under the tension. How closely the remake will stick to this plot is anyone’s guess, but I was starting to get concerned. Most horror buffs–myself included–consider Day to be the weakest of the original Dead series. That was before Land, of course, but still, Day’s holding the weakest of the big three. So even if they don’t stick to the original, that may be for the best.

At least there will be plenty of eye candy, and lots of terror hotties to keep things interesting.

(Christa Campbell)

(AnnaLynne McCord)