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Diane Lane Not So Untraceable

So here’s the word on Diane Lane, another terror hottie from out of left field courtesy of the upcoming DVD release of Untraceable.  Upcoming as in available to buy or rent on May 13.

Now, the plot on this one is classic “we know precisely dick about those Interwebs” Hollywood all over as a serial killer uses his web site to decide how people will die.  The more hits a particular victim receives, the more painful the methodology and such.  It’s like an interactive YouTube where you decide just how loud and grotesque a person’s injury will be.

The thought of an “untraceable” anything in this day and age is utterly ludicrous–it’s been disproven more times than I care to count.  The best you can manage these days is to use proxies and even that isn’t a hundred percent untraceable if you have sufficient cash and cooperation.

But if you’re not too eager for accurate technobabble in your thrillers, you can quietly relax and enjoy Diane Lane, Terror Hottie with anyone else not too eager for accurate technobabble.