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You’ll Never Guess Who Dan Aykroyd Wants in Ghostbusters

(Eliza Dushku)

Give Dan Aykroyd some credit—the guy knows his terror hotties.  And he’s picked a couple very nice choices for terror hotties he’d like to see in Ghostbusters 3: Alyssa Milano and Eliza Dushku.

Okay, I can’t blame him there.  Those are two VERY good choices who would undoubtedly bring an extra terror hottie punch to whatever they’re in on, but I confess that there are others I’d just as well see…possibly even more so.  Don’t get me wrong here—I like Eliza Dushku just as much as the next straight guy—but where’s the love for Monica Keena or Tiffany Shepis?  I suppose it’s all a matter of personal preference, but still, there’s plenty of others out there to consider too.  All part of the great tapestry of terror hottie joy in which we find ourselves.

And a greater question remains—just because Aykroyd wants them involved, will they make it?  They’re poised to start shooting fairly soon…possibly TOO soon to get them in.  We’ll keep our eyes open, because if nothing else, we’ve got Sigourney Weaver as our terror hottie and that’s still not bad.

Alyssa Milano is Malpractice Bait

Man, you’ve got to love Alyssa Milano, especially when this terror hottie is involved with a Hero–that is, Milo Ventimiglia–in the upcoming “Pathology”.

The plot is actually kind of interesting in a “Flatliners” sort of way– med school student Ted Gray graduates at the top of his class, and from there joins a pathology program that’s top of ITS class. Soon, Ted is noticed by the best of this best class, and they welcome him into their group with deceptively open arms. The rest of the group has an unusual after-hours hobby–designing, and committing, the perfect undetectable murder. And they’ve got a new patsy to pin it on!

Or a new target.

I don’t know about you but this one sounds like a serious winner. Something at least relatively new for a change, with few things to compare it to, can’t help but sound like a winner in the midst of sequels and remakes. And it’s coming out in April, so we should be able to get us some of this in no time!