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A Mass of Terror Hotties Take a Run at Texas


If you ever found yourself missing The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, as opposed to the literal slew of knockoffs it produced, often varying in quality from merely crap to pure-on craptacular, then you may be happy to hear about terror hotties Brenna Lee Roth, Elyse Carr and Natisha Gardner.  These three have joined together, along with rockabilly /  psychobilly band The Deadneks, to help Ruckus Productions put together a short horror film called “Trilogy of Blood”.

Right now there’s a Zuni fetish doll that’s waving its tiny little spear around and ready to kick some ass because that title is remarkably close to multi-decade frightfest “Trilogy of Terror”.  Perhaps worse yet is that the film will have a “seventies feel to it” and pay homage to H.G. Lewis and Tobe Hooper.

Never mind the fact that Lewis hasn’t released more than two films a decade since the seventies and Tobe Hooper’s career is like a creme-filled bismarck where the creme has been replaced by raw sewage in that his career is about eighty percent crap and twenty percent chocolate and pastry.  “Trilogy of Blood” does, however, redeem itself by offering up allegedly several homages to George Romero, and you can never go wrong with him even when zombies aren’t involved.

Brenna Lee Roth in the Dog House

Brenna Lee Roth, terror hottie who spiced up Poultrygeist and made us all believe that frat houses could be massacre victims too, has a new film on the way in the form of Dog, a movie all about alternate methods of protecting junkyards at night.

While most places would just employ a few hungry doberman pinschers at night, not so for one particular junkyard run by two sadistic, murderous brothers.  No, instead they get their little brother “Dog” to watch the place.  “Dog” is, of course, an abused, tormented, heavily inbred and insane, and anyone who gets onto the junkyard at night is going to be in for a fight.

Which should be searingly familiar to anyone else who’s watched movies lately and can picture a combination of Wrong Turn and Machined, but with Brenna Lee Roth to spice things up, we should get something decent out of it.

The IMDB says it’ll be out sometime in 2008, with a limited release, so I’d say there’s a decent chance you may be able to catch this on a big screen before it gets to your home theatre.  But for most of us, it’ll be straight to video.