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Still More Decadent Evil!


Decadent Evil 2!  Man, I can’t believe that this sucker even existed to begin with, and I really can’t believe that it merits a sequel.  It’s killing me, because at last I knew, the whole Decadent Evil line was part of Charles Band’s stable, and Charles Band is on my top-five worst directors list.

But there’s an upshot to most of Band’s work, especially the Decadent Evil line–it’s packed to the gills with terror hotties.  And this one will be no exception; the luscious Jill Michelle joins us for this round as the vampire Sugar.

The plot is simple enough–Sugar, her boyfriend Dex and their friend Marvin are going to Little Rock, Arkansas, to revive Martin’s dead vampire-hunter son Ivan.  Of course, it’s not long before the company finds themselves frought with evil vampires who work at the local strip club, and they’re planning to offer up some Sugar for the king vampire’s latest snack.

Which of course sounds like the same kind of half-formed horseshit that we should be used to by now from the Charles Band concept.  But there should be plenty of terror hotties involved, so there’s at least some plus to this sludge.