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The Box Shelved

Bad news for everybody looking forward to Cameron Diaz joining the ranks of the terror hottie with her upcoming film The Box—the launch date has been pushed BACK.

That’s right: we’re going to be waiting until November of 2009 to catch this one.  And while this development leaves me plenty sad, as I was one of those looking forward to Cameron Diaz joining the ranks of the terror hottie, I’m comforted by the fact that it’s at least not completely cancelled.

For those of you who’ve forgotten the recap, it’s pretty simple and at the same time downright terrifying:  a married couple with a desperately ill son one day receives a box in the mail containing one button.  If they press that button, they become instantly wealthy—sufficiently wealthy to save their son’s life.  Now for those of you who wonder why they don’t start pounding on that button right away, the answer is simple—if they press that button, they get their riches…but someone, somewhere, at random….dies.

Eventually they do press the button, and Diaz will thus embark on a guilt-racked quest to figure out just who it is she killed to save her son.

Eminently clever and probably very watchable, I’m more than happy to wait a year for it as long as it comes out before I’m the one who dies.

The Box is Life and Death

Cameron Diaz isn’t exactly first on the list when you start thinking about terror hotties, but you may have to readjust your projections when The Box comes out.

The Box is a pretty interesting piece–it’s about a couple that receives a glass box. In the spirit of that grand old website, The Big Red Button that Doesn’t Do Anything, there’s a pressable button inside that box.  Here’s the kicker–if they actually do press that button, someone, somewhere, in the world will die.  In exchange, the couple will receive enough money to save the life of their dying son.

That’s a pretty tough problem to noodle around, and Norma–half of the couple–presses the button and a gunshot rings out nearby.  Thus, Norma, now wracked with guilt, attempts to solve the murder that she (possibly) knowingly committed.


That sounds like it could be a real winner, and since Diaz will be joined by James Marsden, execution shouldn’t be much of a problem.  So I’m definitely looking forward to it!