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Zombie Strippers

Okay, here’s a real winner for you, packed to the gills with no-name terror hotties. How can I tell, you ask? Oh, that’s easy. It’s called Zombie Strippers.

See, I told you.

Zombie Strippers is definitely going to be a real winner. Check out the plot on this beauty: a secret government virus project that reanimates the dead finds its way into an underground strip club in a conservative, sleepy Nebraska town. Though I don’t know how conservative a town named Sartre is…but anyway. The virus spreads through the town, turning the strippers into the titular Zombie Strippers.

I can’t help but giggle at the concept of zombie strippers roaming the neighborhood, issuing forth watery groans whilst in nipple tassles. Think about it–you too should find it pretty funny. And, if you’re in certain large cities, you’ll be able to catch the zombie mayhem in theatres starting April 18th.