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Dream House Director Jim Sheridan Tried To Pull Alan Smithee With The Movie

We all knew going in that there were plenty of terror hotties in Dream House thanks to Naomi Watts and Rachel Weisz. But what we didn’t know, until only recently was that director Jim Sheridan tried to get his name off the picture, making Dream House one of those rarest of films, an Alan Smithee joint.

As it turns out, the only thing that stopped the bid was Morgan Creek agreeing to a series of reshoots which were, apparently, sufficient to keep Jim Sheridan’s name in the picture. Word is that Sheridan largely ignored writer David Loucka’s script from early on, favoring a kind of improv technique instead. This may be at least partially responsible for the poor showing Dream House ended up with so far.

These kinds of things happen, of course, but it’s good to know that, no matter how the movie turns out, we still have terror hotties.

Dream House Churns Out Clips Ahead Of Release

p>For those looking forward to Naomi Watts and Rachel Weisz in the terror hottie laden production of Dream House, well, you’ll be happy to know that it’s coming very, very soon–like this Friday very very soon–and just ahead of that release Universal’s dropped three new clips to get your excited about this one.

Dream House follows a family who’s leaving the big city for what will be their titular dream house in Connecticut. But that dream house won’t take long to turn into a nightmare as they discover that the house was site to a series of murders. And stranger yet, the only survivor of said series of murders is still in the area, and may well have been behind that series.

The clips look pretty sweet in their own right, and the trailers I’ve seen so far make this thing look absolutely freakish. Hopefully the whole will be as good–or even better–than the sum of its (previously released) parts, but we’ll find out this Friday either way.

Huge Slug of Stills Hits For Dream House

If you’re looking forward to the upcoming release of Dream House, you already know you don’t have long to wait until it hits theaters. But this terror hottie packed horror festival just dropped a nice healthy surprise: fully fifty still pictures, some featuring the terror hotties of this fine chunk of real estate horror.

Dream House, featuring Naomi Watts, Rachel Weisz and more besides, follows a family who moves from the city to a quiet town in New England. They think they’ve got that titular dream house out in the wilds of nowhere, until they discover that their dream house is a murder house. And the lone survivor–and lead suspect–is still alive. Will the family survive their move? Or will they manage to keep their new house in the face of a horror beyond their imagining?

Sure, this is shades of Cold Creek Manor, and a little bit of Amityville horror besides, and this one will be coming to theaters September 30th so we’ll get to see how it turns out directly. I’m personally looking forward to it, and hope it comes off as well as it might.

Dream House Just Keeps Getting More Terror Hotties

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(Naomi Watts)

Can the news ever stop coming for Dream House?? Seriously, this place is going to have more terror hotties crammed into it than the house from Sorority Row!

You already know about Rachel Weisz and longtime favorite Naomi Watts, but we’ve got a THIRD terror hottie to add to the list–none other than Rachel Fox.

Yes, the Desperate Housewife will be moving into the Dream House right alongside Watts and Weisz.? And though we’re all still smarting over the misery that was Last House on the Left to do another home invasion flick, we all still remember how creepy The Strangers was and just how screwed up this whole thing can get when someone sufficiently motivated puts their mind to it.? Oh, do we EVER.

We’ll have a while to wait yet, but when this comes out, it should at least be sufficiently exciting to keep interest.

Naomi Watts Gets A New Terror Hottie Run

(Naomi Watts)

This is some good news right here–after catching Naomi Watts’ performance in Funny Games, where she was the only good part of the whole miserable mess, it’s great to hear that she’s got a new role coming up alongside current James Bond, Daniel Craig.

It’s called Dream House, and it joins a family moving to Connecticut.  And as we all remember from recent other movies, Connecticut is about as haunted as Amityville.  So naturally, we discover that the dream house in the title is more like a nightmare as the new family discovers that they’ve bought a murder house, and that the perpetrator may still be in the area….

Parenthetically, I also remember Naomi Watts’ truly awesome turn as Jet Girl, and that’s one of my personal favorites.  So I’m definitely looking forward to Dream House, even though it’ll be a while before we get to see it.  It starts shooting this February.

Naomi Watts Getting Some Veteran Terror Hottie Help For The Birds

(Naomi Watts)

So here’s some terribly interesting news–seems that Naomi Watts is still neck deep in the remake of the old Hitchcock classic The Birds.  Apparently, she’s actually managed to talk with Tippi Hedren about it–Tippi Hedren was in the original, in case you didn’t know–while they were working together back on I Heart Huckabees.

But the big holdup at this point is the director.  He’s apparently still in post on his last movie, but Naomi Watts is actually being shown scripts and such.  When you put it all together, it looks like The Birds remake is still very much on, but it’s moving slowly.  I don’t have a whole lot of faith in remakes–I haven’t seen very many good ones–but this one may be the combo breaker.  After all, it’s a Platinum Dunes, and they’ve done some half-decent ones before, even if they’re a bit too close to Michael “Blow ‘Em Up” Bay for my tastes.

That and the fact that Naomi’s been consulting with Tippi?  Definitely a good sign.

Naomi Watts is For the Birds

Funny Games star and downright terror hottie Naomi Watts has been pretty busy lately, what with the remakes and all. But her next target? None other than classic Hitchcock–she’s going to be in “The Birds”.

Now, you’re probably already well aware of what it’s about; between the fact that it’s been out for something like fifty years…and of course, the name’s pretty self-explanatory…but what you may not know is that there’s already a degree-of-separation thing going on.

Tippi Hedren was in the original The Birds, and Naomi Watts will be taking her role when The Birds comes out sometime next year (even Watts herself is convinced it won’t be this year). Both Hedren and Watts appeared in the movie “I Heart Huckabees”.

Even more interesting is that people have already remarked on the similarities between Watts and Hedren. So now we’ve got something to look forward to next year, maybe!