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Cool Off on the Transsiberian

Okay terror hottie buffs–how about something a little high-brow, packed with terror hotties and guaranteed to cool you off in the depths of late summer? Oh yeah, it’s a recipe for greatness, and it’s called “Transsiberian”.

Featuring Emily Mortimer and Kate Mara, along with Woody Harrelson and Ben Kingsley, it’s all about two couples on their way from China to Moscow via the legendary Trans-Siberian railroad. The trip, of course, turns deadly, and the couples soon have more trouble than they can deal with as they’re also pursued by a Russian police officer.

Needless to say, I’m pretty excited about this. Putting Harrelson and Kingsley together is unique enough as it stands, but a thriller on the Trans-Siberian railroad in the depths of a hot summer? Man, throw me a Pepsi and a bucket of popcorn and I’m all over it! And of course, having a couple terror hotties around to warm things up can never hurt. Here’s looking forward to late summer 2008–gonna be a hot one!

(Kate Mara)

( Emily Mortimer)