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Necrosis Gets New Name And New Trailer

Well here’s some interesting news, folks—the movie that turns eighties pop icon Tiffany into a full bore terror hottie, along with more conventional terror hottie Elizabeth Brissenden, just got itself a name change.  It’s no longer Necrosis…say hello to Blood Snow.  And while you’re at it, also give a warm welcome to the brand new trailer that’s just emerged for it.

When six friends make tracks for a weekend of jolly drunken fun in the snow, their target of choice is not a commercial ski resort, but rather a secluded cabin in the frozen ass-end of nowhere.  This is of course a huge mistake as it turns out their secluded cabin isn’t terribly far from where the Donner Party met their final end.  It only gets worse when a massive freak snowstorm pops up, stranding the group.  And of course, their staying in that cabin ends up bringing the ghosts of same back to life…or does it?  Are they hallucinating?  Or are they being attacked by cannibal ghosts?

With a new trailer and a name change up, they should be closing in on finishing.  No word on release dates though, but we’ll keep our eyes open.

Get Your Kicks on Donner Pass

Chloe Snyder and Elizabeth Brissenden both will be showing up in the new indie horror flick Necrosis, and that should give you reason enough to cheer. But just in case you’re one of those sorts who has to have a good story with their minimum daily requirement of terror hottie goodness, worry not. Because Necrosis has a real doozy attached to it.

Check out the plot on this beauty: Six friends are off to a cabin out in the middle of Nowhere Mountain country–except as it turns out they’re actually near Donner Pass. How do we know? Because in the midst of their vacation, they’re going to be attacked by the ghosts of the Donner Party. And these cannibal ghosts aren’t a bit happy about having their whole eternity schtick interrupted.

Interestingly, there will be some question as to whether or not they’re actually being attacked by ghosts, or rather, hallucinations brought on by being in Middle Of Nowhere Mountain Country.

So you’ve got a definite terror hottie concept here, with plenty of decent plot, so I’d say we’ve got plenty of reason to look forward to Necrosis!