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Dead Shadows Gets A New Teaser

A little shot of French horror comes our way with Dead Shadows, and of course, we’ll also get terror hotties to boot here in the form of Gwendolyn Gourvenec. And the trailer, as well as the plot itself, all makes things look like we’re going to be in for a pretty sweet ride indeed.

Dead Shadows follows a young man named Chris, whose parents were killed when Halley’s Comet made its big appearance. And now, eleven years later, a new comet is showing up. While most of the people around Chris are looking forward to a party to welcome the comet, Chris can’t quite get in the party mood. And things get worse when the comet makes some changes to the folks on Earth, and not for the better. A relatively unaffected Chris is left to survive in the midst of the horde, but he’ll have a little help from some of the other folks in his apartment building.

The trailer’s looking pretty sweet, and I’m still very eager to find out how this one turns out. Hopefully we’ll get to see this one sooner rather than later, and you know where to keep it for all the latest news on this one.

God Bless America Scary For Variety Of Reasons

p>God Bless America managed to pick up distribution from the TIFF show back last September, and the folks at Magnolia, who got their hands on it, have a nice release schedule in the works for it. But this one’s going to be pretty scary stuff for a variety of reasons.

God Bless America, featuring newly-minted terror hottie Tara Lynne Barr, follows Frank, a man who’s just plain old had enough of America’s collapse into the crevasse of stupidity, incivility and greed. Frank, therefore, sets out to kill all the worst that America has to offer: the stupid, the cruel, and the just plain old repugnant. And when he’s joined by Roxy, a 16 year old girl who shares his sentiments, things get even worse…for the stupid, the cruel and the just plain old repugnant.

Like I said, this is scary for several reasons. One, it heavily features a lot of violence, as well as the musical stylings of Marilyn Manson. And it’s also written and directed by Bobcat Goldthwait. Yes, the guy who spent most of the eighties acting like he was having a non-stop embolism.

Still though, that’s got me sufficiently interested, and this one will be hitting limited theaters May 11th, with a video on demand release April 6th. I’m looking forward to it, especially considering the variety of factors going into this one.

Ellen Hollman Shows Us How Scary True Love Can Be

p>A little something Italian comes our way today, folks, with word of True Love coming soon to fully 11 markets. And with a terror hottie like Ellen Hollman (who will be featured heavily throughout the next season of Spartacus) involved, it’s clear that this will be scary and lovely alike.

True Love brings us together with Kate and Jack, newlyweds with secrets they haven’t even told each other yet. But one day, they suddenly wake up in a sealed room together–no doors, no windows, no nothing–which is bare except a series of images projected on the walls, and a monitor with two buttons on it: “yes” and “no”. The monitor then asks a series of questions which they are to answer via the monitor, and all those secrets are about to come out. In spades.

Considering how much mobility this one’s had sales-wise, it’s probably a good bet to say it’ll be coming soon to your neck of the woods, no matter where that particular neck happens to be. I’m eager to see how this one turns out, myself; it might be a pretty good time. But hopefully it will turn out as well as the plot suggests it might.

Compound Fracture Gives Us Terror Hotties & Familiar Faces

Here’s a bit of surprising news for you, folks, as the newest Michael Myers–Tyler Mane–started a production company that has brought on the newest Jason Voorhees–Derek Mears–in the upcoming release Compound Fracture.

And you know we wouldn’t be talking about this without terror hotties, and there will be plenty here in Susan Angelo and Renae Geerlings. But the plot, meanwhile, takes us out to the Silna family, who have seen better days. Michael Silna, in fact, just got custody of his nephew, after his sister was murdered by her husband. Michael in turn takes his wife and nephew to his father’s house, who is in the process of building a compound that is safe by every possible measure, even the crazy measures. But when he gets there, he finds the compound his father built is about to be more like a death trap.

I’m looking forward to this one myself, if for no other reason than I’m hoping for loads of amateur mechanical engineering and booby traps aplenty to be in that compound. No word yet on when it releases, but the profoundly screwed up trailer that’s out for this one gives me plenty of reason to look forward to it. So keep it right here for all the latest.

Jug Face To Feature Plenty Of Terror Hotties

Nothing like having a few good terror hotties on hand, and Moderncine’s next title will have more than its share. But what they’ll be involved in should be interesting to say the least when Jug Face makes its appearance.

Jug Face follows a teenage girl who’s got some pretty substantial problems–she’s pregnant. And this is bad enough for any teenage girl until you consider who the baby’s father is: her own brother. And this incestuous union isn’t even the half of her problems, when, as she tries to escape the backwoods nowhere where she lives (and would you, if your brother were your baby’s father?) she discovers that she’s about to be sacrificed to some kind of monstrousity that lives in a pit in the woods.

Featuring Lauren Ashley Carter and Sean Young, there’s more than enough terror hottie in here for anyone, but man, will they ever be doing some weird and creepy stuff. They’re only just starting to shoot this one, so we’ll likely have plenty of good news on this one before too much longer has passed, so keep it right here for all the latest.

The Raven Lands A New Poster, Heavy On The Red

If you’re looking forward to the latest Edgar Allen Poe excursion into our theaters known as The Raven, you won’t have much longer to wait. And even better, there’s a new poster out underscoring this one.

Featuring Alice Eve in the main terror hottie slot, The Raven follows Edgar Allen Poe, who’s got a pretty big problem on his hands. Someone’s going around killing people in much the same style that his characters do in his various books and short stories. That would generally put most anyone on ground zero with the local constabulary, except Edgar’s taken a lot of the weight off by working with the cops. Though he may have just moved the weight onto his fiancee, who’s been kidnapped by the killer and about to take her for his next victim. Can Edgar save his bride to be? Or will his stories start getting even more depressing?

The poster is a little heavy on the red, but still looks pretty sweet. And even better, we’ll be able to check out just how the whole thing turns out when this hits theaters April 27th, 2012. I’m personally looking forward to this one myself; a little shot of the literary mixed in with some good old fashioned horror / suspense sounds like a thrill. But hopefully, it will hold out against expectations.

Cassadaga Gets A New Poster

Cassadaga’s been steadily moving forward since we first heard about it some months ago, and even better, a whole new poster has shown up. This time around, they’ve dialed it back a bit, but it’s still got a nice scary profile to it.

Cassadaga follows Lily Morel, who’s having a rough time of things lately. In fact, her sister died recently, and as such, she’s looking for a little solace to get her through. She falls in with Cassadaga, a spiritualist community, but what she doesn’t expect is a vengeful ghost haunting Cassadaga, victim of a serial killer known as Geppetto due to his…unique…style of murder. And that vengeful ghost wants payback…but who will be the victim?

Featuring Louise Fletcher and Amy LoCicero, among others, Cassadaga doesn’t have much in the way of a release date yet, so we’ll be keeping an eye out for it. Still though, this could be a pretty sweet piece of movie, based on the trailer and what we’ve seen of the posters of it so far. You’ll want to keep it right here, though, for all the news that comes out on this one between now and then.

Ashley Bell To Return To The Last Exorcism 2, Shooting Starts In February

While The Last Exorcism didn’t exactly make a big splash in the box office, it did sufficiently well to merit a sequel. And the good news is, especially if you liked the last one, the new one will be starting shooting just next month.

The Last Exorcism 2, which will once again feature Ashley Bell as Nell Sweetzer, isn’t exactly giving up a whole lot of information right now about the plot line and such, though chances are that cult will be returning and drawing in sacrificial victims once more.

The current word, though, suggests that this one will wrap shooting later this year, with an expected launch of January 2013. January hasn’t exactly proven tops for the release schedules, though, but I’ve seen some very good pieces indeed come out of January releasing. It’ll be interesting to see where they take the sequel, so keep it here for all the latest on this one.

Thirteen Gets Distribution With Universal

I’m always in the mood for a little shot of found footage filmmaking, and Thirteen’s going to not only give us just that, but they’re going to splice it in with an unexpected comparison. There are already comparisons between this and Flatliners.

Thirteen, featuring Renee Tab in the terror hottie slot, follows a group of med school students who find themselves experimenting with death, specifically, coming back from it. But what they’ll find on the other side of that line between life and death may well leave them on the wrong side of it, permanently.

Could be good stuff, I’d say, and I’ve always been fond of found footage movies. Sure, this may be a little more like Flatliners than anyone wants it to be–the plotlines sound nearly identical with the critical difference of the found footage part of the plot. I’m looking forward to seeing how it all turns out, though there’s no word as yet on the release date. So keep it right here for all the latest Thirteen news.

A Still Of The Monster From Grabbers Emerges

Anybody in the mood for some killer calamari? Guess what, folks–that’s what’s on tap with the upcoming release of Grabbers, a movie that will show us the true power of booze.

We go out to a tiny fishing village, along with our terror hottie of choice Ruth Bradley, in Ireland where the villagers are living pretty normal, quiet lives. At least, they were living normal quiet lives until the bizarre sea creature showed up demanding blood. But the villagers are about to fight back, with the best weapon they have at hand.

This one sounds like a lot of fun, and the best part is the monster in question looks pretty cool, even if it does look like a small octopus or the like. It’s making its appearance out at Sundance in just a couple days, so hopefully this one will hit a wide release sooner rather than later. But keep it right here for all the latest.

Michonne Will Hit Walking Dead Eventually

New reports have emerged about the future of the series known as The Walking Dead, and one of the show’s currently missing terror hotties has to be Michonne, the sword-slinging zombie walker who quickly distinguished herself as one of the series’ best fighters. At least, she did in the comics. And now, she’s about to make her way to the show.

We don’t yet know who will be playing her, nor when she’ll actually make the jump from the comic to the smaller screen, but one thing’s for sure, if her role sticks anywhere close to the comic, she’ll be chopping up a whole lot of zombies with her signature blade and doing a whole lot of damage.

And of course, the entrance of Michonne only increases the likelihood that, one day, the Governor will make his appearance, at which point the series could probably end and it would be the most awesome thing television has ever seen. Keep it right here for the latest on this one, because it’s going to be a pretty big deal indeed.

Snow Piercer Adds Another Terror Hottie

Good news for those of you looking forward to Park Chan-wook’s newest title Snow Piercer: they’ve added on a whole new terror hottie in the form of Tilda Swinton, and that’s going to make this even better.

Snow Piercer takes us out to a world in which The Day After Tomorrow’s freezing effects actually already happened, and now, the survivors of such a world live as best they can. Specifically, we’ll be joining a group of folks who live on a train, all of whom are doing their best to get along in the icy, snow-covered world in which we now all live.

Sounds pretty interesting to me, as far as I’m concerned–I’ve been known to enjoy a little of that post-Apocalyptia kind of dystopian fare, and this one seems to qualify in spades. They won’t even start shooting this one until March, so a release date is, as yet, very much unknown. Still though, we’re in a very good position if this one comes off even half as well as it might, so keep it here for all the latest on this impressive little bit of cold.

John Dies At The End Gets Fresh Stills

New images land from Don Coscarelli’s upcoming horror romp John Dies At The End, and better yet, this terror hottie packed package, featuring Fabianne Therese as just one of the terror hotties involved in this one, will be starting to hit the festival circuit soon.

John Dies At The End follows Soy Sauce, a drug that’s hit the streets only recently, but offers a high of unparalleled dimensions. Specifically, because it takes you into those other dimensions to witness firsthand what’s going on therein. But some of the users don’t come back as they left. Soy Sauce is quickly discovered to be a gateway drug–specifically, a gateway to a universe of malefic horrors unlike any we’ve ever known. And the only ones who can save humanity are a couple of college dropouts named David…and John. Chances are you know what happens to John.

It’s a profoundly ballsy move, telegraphing your punches like that. But Coscarelli has done impressive things before–he was in on the Masters of Horror series, you know. Did a fine job, too. But will he manage to pull it off with this one?

The stills are looking pretty sharp, and hopefully this will make sufficient impression on someone at Sundance to make the inevitable happen. Keep it right here for what we hope will be a release date soon!

Mad Men’s Abigail Spencer Hits Joss Whedon Directed Eyes

It’s always a delight to see an actress go full terror hottie, and though you’ll most immediately recognize Abigail Spencer as Don Draper’s mistress from the hotly popular series Mad Men, you’ll now get a chance to see her in a whole new light, in Joss Whedon’s upcoming film Eyes.

Eyes follows a pair of people, total opposites, who find themselves oddly interconnected. And this connection is going to mean something very important for the duo, though just what we don’t yet know.

Not a lot of details out there about this one just yet, but thankfully we’ve got the most important yet. This sucker’s going to have a pretty nice terror hottie presence all the same.

Keep it right here for the latest on this one as we get it, because with just this little bit to go on, you know it won’t be long before we get the whole story!

Walking Dead Third Season Coming Soon

Big news for the upcoming third season of The Walking Dead–and yes, there will be a third season–featuring terror hotties like Sarah Wayne Callies, Laurie Holden and plenty more from there–and the third season will be substantially expanded from the previous.

The Walking Dead is pretty much exactly about what the title implies, as Sheriff Rick Grimes, his family, and an assortment of other characters who join in along the way, look for a safe place to live in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Along the way, they’ll take on a whole lot of problems, and not all of them zombie-based.

The big news here is that the third season is not only announced, but escalated. The third season will pack in a full sixteen episodes, as opposed to thirteen as originally set. Turns out that, despite the problems the second season faced, ratings for the series actually went up, going so far as to get fully five million viewers in the 18-49 demographic, which is a record for basic cable.

So look for The Walking Dead to come back February 12th, and then, a third season to follow from there.